Wherein I shamelessly plug AmeriCorps and the wonderfulness of the {un}Commons.

The South Whidbey Commons is a community-run Coffeehouse & Bookstore, in Langley, WA.  It currently hosts two Americorps members, and provides job training and community involvement opportunities to local residents young and young at heart.  And the coffee and fresh made nibblies are pretty damn tasty!

I started volunteering at the Commons – or as I lovingly call it, the {un}Commons – at the beginning of July, primarily to ‘pay off’ a speeding ticket from California, but I’m also new to the Island and wanted to meet people.  And meet people, I have!  The {un}Commons is a melting pot of interesting people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs.  I can honestly say that my experience there has made settling into this community and island life way more pleasant.

The Commons is always looking for donations – time, books, and cold hard cash.  If you can spare any of these, please bring them in!  Also…

if you’re between the ages of 18-25 and are interested in becoming an AmeriCorps member…

they are currently accepting applications for the 2012-13 service year!
I look forward to many, many more hours spent there, tamping shots, steaming milk, and steeping tea – and, of course,  photographing the smiling faces that surround me everyday!

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