sierra + michael :: larrabee state park

A couple days ago, I headed up to Bellingham, WA to meet with Sierra and Michael for a photoshoot.  They were celebrating their 5-year anniversary, and what better way to do so than photograph it?  Right? Right.

Larrabee State Park is just south of Bellingham, and is seriously so beautiful.  So many interesting places to explore.  I’d never been there, so it was really fun to have this cute couple show me around one of their favourite places.

These two were so fun to photograph!  Totally up for anything.  I mean, not many people would feel comfortable having a complete stranger ask them to slow dance on an empty stage, with no music, while said stranger clicks her camera all around them.  Really.  These two totally get a double thumbs up in my book.

Here are my favourites from the shoot!  Feel the love. 🙂

Click on a thumbnail to view the full-sized image

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