brandy + ken :: whidbey island, wa

In another life, I was a musician – a percussionist, to be exact.  I had this superstition: if I had the urge to pee right as Maestro walked on stage, I was going to nail every flam, every cymbal crash, every trill.  I swear, this anecdote pertains to Brandy & Ken and how much they love each other.  When I didn’t need to pee, I always messed up.  And normally, horribly.

Brandy & Ken are the photographers behind blumun photography. Let me repeat that.

Brandy & Ken are wedding photographers.

Do you know how nervewracking that is?  Shooting other photographers?  Very. It’s very nervewracking.  Could I live up to their standards?  Would my locations be good enough?  How do I act with these people?  Going into it, I felt like I was headed into an exam.  Add to that, what was envisioned as a crisp Autumn morning shoot turned out to be a soggy Autumn morning shoot.  And after being up all night working on who-knows-what, I was late.  I was scared out of my mind.  But as soon as I walked through the doors of  the coffeehouse and saw them, I had to pee.  For the love of all that is good and right in the world, I had to pee.  I generally don’t subscribe to organized religion, but Praise Whoever!  Because I had to pee.

These two’d been to the Island before, but hadn’t really explored it.  So for the next two hours, we drove around, and I introduced them to nearly every interesting wall and abandoned building on the South end.  These two… oh man… they crack me up.  I could tell that, though used to being behind a camera, they were not used to being in front of it.  This is generally why photographers become photographers – we’re not models.  But the chemistry between these two was palpable!  I was actually worn out at the end of the shoot, from laughing so much.  It was amazing.  I am so looking forward to their wedding next summer and I can’t believe they chose me to shoot it.  Awesome.  Just… awesome : )

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One response to “brandy + ken :: whidbey island, wa

  1. I love the back of the pick up one and the one where he has her up against the wall and the hands are in focus! These are great!!!!

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