It truly is a small world

IMG_0746A year and a half ago, I made the snap decision to move to China – it was time to experience the world outside of the continental U.S. and what better place to start than one that is completely different than what I’m accustomed to?  I expected to hate it after a month and be desperate to come home.  In reality, I fell in love with China and am very conflicted about my unscheduled departure.

This post has two roles: to re-introduce myself to the PNW as a photographer, and to hopefully show my audience that while foreign countries are indeed different, they’re also very much the same.

Because we’re all human.


Some of the photos I’m proud of professionally. Some of the photos are selfies! Some of the photos are of the children and people I worked with. Some of the photos are of moments I found amusing or beautiful or strange or or or… Collectively, they chronicle a time of my life I will always look back on and wish had never ended. But, all things come to an end.  If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have new beginnings, yes?


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