I  believe that we should all be free to love and commit to whomever we choose.  I also believe that we should be able to have images that document the celebration of uniting two people in love.  It seems like as soon as you tack the word “wedding” on to anything, the price skyrockets – and I just don’t think that’s right.

I realize that your needs may be different from those of everyone else, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more or less coverage.  I’m willing to negotiate my fee to suit your needs.

engagement session + full day ceremony & reception coverage + disc of retouched images = $1500


There are so many reasons for portraiture… to document a family as it grows; to capture every little milestone of a child’s life; to spruce up an online profile to find the love of your life – or the moment.  Perhaps you’re an {aspiring} actor and need a headshot, or an artist who needs a photo of yourself for an exhibit. Whatever the reason, I’ll show you that having your photo taken isn’t as horrible as people make it seem. Trust me, we’re all beautiful.

Family session: $200

Senior Portraits: $175

Couples session: $150

Single/Headshot session: $75


I have two dogs.  I get it.  Trust me, I do.  Whether you’re a breeder needing photos of your champions or available pups, or the parent of an amazing pooch, let’s photograph them!  These sessions tend to be longer and can be a lot more trying – depending on the animal’s willingness to be photographed – so definitely plan on spending an afternoon together!

Fido session: $150

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